From 9th to 11th November, 2018, under the guidance of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Thi Hong Xuan - Dean of FUS, 07 students visited the Forest City real estate project, Johor Bahru, Malaysia and the ASEAN Alternate Presidency 2018 - Singapore. Master students of FUS, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU - HCM has visited for the first time an international real estate project of State of Johor Bahru, Malaysia introduced by Phuong Hoang Real Estate Company. By the invitation of the Singapore Polytechnic Institute (SP), the group also experienced 2 days staying in Singapore Island Nation.


Forest City is a sea encroachment city of the Country Garden Group. Forest City is known as the model of smart eco-city of Asia, with unlimited links between infrastructure, services and people. The green areas are formed in a vertical direction, creating a natural and friendly habitat. The transportation system is modern without noise and dusty. In addition, Forest City also has fly walkways, aerial gardens and artificial rain systems. Once completed, the city will be managed by the technology of artificial intelligence.


In addition to visiting the samet and apartment templates in Forest city, the delegation also observed the factory of Kova Paint Company in Malaysia. Participants learned about the company's formation and development, as well as paint products in the international market, presented by Mr. Ngo Sy Tuyen - General Director of Kova in Malaysia and Mr. Tran Viet Hung - Managing Director of Kova Paint Plant in Johor Bahru. At the meeting, the students of the faculty had access to update knowledge of sustainable materials development, typically fire resistant, environmentally friendly, bactericidal paint. Forest city is one of the international projects of Kova Paint Group.


In Singapore, the delegation visited some of Singapore's famous landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands, Little Indians, Gardens by the Bay, Merlion Park. Students also experienced smart transportation in Singapore like MRT. Main program is visiting the Singapore Polytechnic (SP). Welcoming delegation is Ms. Lim Lee Yee - Dean of Communications, Arts and Social Sciences and 2 lecturers -Wong Yi Hong and Mario Lajarca Jr., have been leading students in Vietnam. Through the introduction, lecturers and master students of FUS learned more about the development process of the SP, the contribution of the university to the smart urban development in Singapore, through the invention put into practical application of the university. With presentive and interactive facilities, the master students of FUS had access to intelligent software that demonstrates the effectiveness of science and technology applications in a comprehensive education model, as well as increases creative activities to help students show their full potential to contribute to the sustainable development of Singapore.


Through the field trip, students had real-world access to classroom lectures, enriching their knowledge of urban intelligence and comprehensive, liberal, multicultural education. This is a subject that is being studied by many urban researchers and authorities of Ho Chi Minh city as well as Vietnam in the construction and development of the country in the direction of civilization, modern and literal.

Some pictures of the actual trip:

Picture 1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Thi Hong Xuan and master students visited the Forest City project

Figure 2. Phoenix Hotel - ecological urban architecture

Figure 3. The delegation took photo with Mr. Ngo Sy Tuyen - General Director of Kova in Malaysia and Mr. Tran Viet Hung - Managing Director of Kova Paint Plant in Johor Bahru

Picture 4. At Viet Quan Restaurant - Cultural exchange place of leaders and workers of Kova Paint Factory with the delegation

Picture 5: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Thi Hong Xuan gave the logo of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU - HCM and souvenirs to lectures Hong Yi Wong and Mario Lajarca Jr.

Figure 6: The whole group photographed in the "reading" room of the Faculty of Communication, Arts and Social Sciences, SP

Figure 7. Open classes at the faculty, where lectures sometimes act as audiences

Figure 8. Students experienced the MRT from the Boss Hotel to Little India

Figure 9: Visiting Marina Gardens by the Bay.

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